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Chicago Pizza Tour FAQ's

  1. What pizza places do we visit?


    Second City Pizza Tours visits Giordano's, Gino's East, Pizzeria Uno, La Madia, Pizzeria via Stato, and State Street Pizza. On each tour we will visit two deep dish restaurants and two thin crust or specialty pizza restaurants.

  2. How much pizza do we get?


    Each person is given at least a full slice of pizza at each location.

  3. Is it all deep dish pizza?


    No. We visit two deep dish pizza restaurants and two thin crust or specialty pizza restaurants.

  4. Is it a walking tour? How much walking is involved?

    Yes, it is a walking tour. Being that all of the pizza venues are very close to one another, the total walking distance for the entire tour is less than one mile.

  5. How long is the tour?

    The tour is roughly 2 1/2 hours.

  6. How many people go on the tour?

    There are up to 12 people on each tour, so space is very limited.

  7. Do you accept same day reservations?

    Yes, if there is availability. It is unlikely that you will be able to go on the tour if you show up without making a reservation.

  8. Are there vegetarian options?

    Yes. All of the restaurants serve at least one vegetarian option pizza for our tour group.

  9. How long does the pizza take to cook?

    Although the deep dish pizza can take 45 minutes or more to cook, the restaurants have the pizza specially prepared for out tour group's arrival. That means fresh, hot pizza when the tour group arrives, and no 45 minute waits for the pizza to cook.

  10. Do you accept credit cards?

    We accept credit card payments over the phone. We do not accept credit cards on the day of the tour, you must bring cash to give to your tourguide. We do, however, accept paypal payments through our website. Go to the Buy Tickets tab.

  11. Are drinks included?

    Most of the restaurants will provide the tourgroup with water. You can purchase soda or beer at an additional cost.

  12. Can I buy a pizza to take home?

    Yes! The deep dish restaurants sell frozen deep dish pizzas to bring to back to your friends and family.

  13. Are the pizza tours rain or shine?

    Yes. Rain or shine. Bring an umbrella.

  14. Who has the best Chicago pizza?

    You'll just have to come on the tour and find out for yourself.

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